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Secure, audited Teahouse Vaults suitable for a variety of market conditions

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Permissionless Vaults

Flexible liquidity provision (LP) pairs that users can enter & exit at any time


Managed Vaults

Single-asset vaults on a periodic schedule (users can only enter/exit at set intervals).


Private Vaults

Secure, dedicated smart contracts with customizable strategies managed by professionals.
Min. deposit: $100,000.


HighTable NFTs allow holders to access the Teahouse strategy platform, receive whitelists from & participate in NFT & gaming partner projects, and vote on key Teahouse decisions.

Web3 Games

Games make up a large market segment in Web3 and are expected to fuel the next blockchain expansion. Teahouse partners with several promising projects, and our community members will be the first to reap the fun and rewards!

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Teahouse Vaults (Smart Contracts)

Security is of the utmost importance for any blockchain project. Teahouse smart contracts have been audited and have shown no security vulnerabilities.
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TeaVault v.2

The TeaVault v.2 smart contract manages assets though whitelisted projects and operations. Limiting what fund managers can do further improves platform security.


The HighTableVault is used for accounting – allowing deposits, withdrawals, dispersing of PnL, and collecting of fees.

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Tea Time


2021 Q3

Funding & Initial Development

  • Develop 1st Teahouse dynamic price-band strategy: WanHua v.1
  • Deploy TeaVault smart contracts to Ethereum L1 & Arbitrum L2
  • Complete Teahouse Simulator v.1
  • Develop RESTful API for TeaVault
  • Complete first round fundraising led by Pantera
2021 Q4

Smart Contracts

  • “TeaVault” smart contract audit completed by HashCloak
  • Deploy TeaVault smart contract to Optimism L2
  • Develop new passive strategy: Banqiao v.1
  • Initiate volatility index research for WanHua v.2
  • Launch Teahouse app private beta
  • Complete second round of fundraising led by NGC Ventures
2022 Q1


  • Improve Teahouse Strategy Simulator speed by 100x
  • Invite 3rd-party strategy providers to develop strategies on Teahouse platform
  • Partner with Zoofrenz & Zombie Club as blockchain technology advisor and co-developer
2022 Q2

HighTable NFTs

  • HighTable NFTs sale (First Phase)
  • SecuX hardware wallets “airdrop”
  • Launch first available strategy for HighTable holders: Blue Chip NFT Crowdfunding
  • Announce Web3 gaming partnerships
  • Launch community incentive plan (HOST program)
2022 Q3

Strategy Vaults

  • Develop HighTableVault for accounting
  • Complete TeaVault v.2 smart contract for whitelisted filters
  • Launch strategies in each of Low/Medium/High risk categories
2022 Q4

Strategy Round Fundraising

  • Close Teahouse strategy round
  • Launch additional strategies & increase AUM on Teahouse platform
  • HighTable NFT public sale (Second Phase)
  • HightTable NFT reveal event (TBD)
2023 Q1

Automation & Monitoring

  • Develop an automated monitoring system to track strategies on the Teahouse platform
  • Increase the level of automation on platform
  • Launch additional strategies & increase AUM on Teahouse platform
  • Community-building through online & offline events & swags
2023 Q2


  • Open Teahouse platform to strategy providers
  • Officially activate teaDAO for strategy collaborations and decentralized decision-making
  • Launch additional strategies & increase AUM on Teahouse platform
  • Announce new NFT, Web3 games, eSport, and other partnerships

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